We connect those who undergo decisions with those who make them

Metapolítica connects organized civil society with public authorities to develop better public policies.

We develop strategies and roll out plans to connect civil society with political actors, such as deputies, senators, ministers, secretaries and public managers. An endeavor that is required, republican and internationally recommended so that the different sectors of society may share their experiences and suggestions for regulatory improvement with political decision-makers.


Metapolítica: we expand political participation through institutional, legal and republican dialogue

Metapolítica arose from the need to offer parliamentary advisory and political consultancy services in an innovative way, freed of the “rigid” models of the past.

We have established a skillful and intelligent institutional presence to represent sectors and ideas, thus renewing the exercise of democracy through parliamentary advisory and political consultancy services backed by algorithms and predictive analysis.

In just a few years, Metapolítica Consultoria has established its own method, achieved relevant results and national and international recognition and, most importantly, we ensure legitimate and proactive participation to our clients.


clients from different economic sectors


hours of political consultancy and legislative advisory services


legislative proposals and legal regulations are being monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


thousand people have benefited from our actions


Quality attested by The Napolitan Victory Awards

Our team’s competence and significance were recognized by the prestigious Neapolitan Victory Award, the highest honor in the field of political communication, granted in Washington (USA).

In addition to acknowledging entrepreneurial and professional achievements, this award also considers the collaborative efforts of political communication stakeholders in enhancing the quality and strengthening democracies.

1st place

Metapolítica won The Napolitan Victory Awards 2020 in the category New Company of the Year.


At The Napolitan Victory Awards 2021, our co-founder Jorge Ramos Mizael was nominated as the Newcomer Consultant of the Year and Metapolítica was recognized as the Consulting Firm of the Year.


Leading the way in our effective solutions are skilled and well-prepared professionals.

Metapolítica is the direct result of its founders’ commitment and innovation capacity, who combine Political Science and Data Science to optimize the political interface.

JorgeR. Mizael

Jorge Mizael holds a degree in Political Science and a postgraduate degree in Compliance and Governance from UnB (University of Brasília). He pursued Business Management studies at Ohio University. As the CEO of Metapolítica Consultoria, he steered the company to be named the revelation company of 2020 by The Washington Academy of Politics Arts & Sciences, the foremost global award in political communication. In 2021, he received another individual nomination from the American academy as a rising political consultant.

  • Political Science
  • Compliance and Governance
  • Nominated by The Neapolitan Victory Awards 2021
  • Co-founder of Metapolítica

AndréM. Peixoto

André Peixoto holds a bachelor’s degree in information systems and a postgraduate degree in computer networks. With over a decade of experience, he has served as a technological security consultant for the banking sector. His expertise spans managing IT services, business intelligence, risk analysis and compliance. He attended IBM zFuture training and possesses certifications in ITIL v3, ITDRA, and Security Risk Manager Module.

  • Information systems
  • Business Intelligence
  • Solution Development
  • Co-founder of Metapolítica

Count on the expertise of our team, all members of which hold Master's and Doctoral degrees

Find out who the people who make up Metapolítica are.


Count on the expertise of our team, all members of which hold Master's and Doctoral degrees


Your experiences are essential and need to be heard and valued by political and government agents.


We create a bridge between civil society and public agents

We understand that to build a dialogue with public agents, planned acting ensures the best results.

Embarking on this journey solo, without the experience and strategic insights of those intimately familiar with the daily routine of the National Congress reduces your organization’s chances to contribute to the development of better public policies.

Discover and understand Metapolítica’s solutions, which will establish your presence in the political arena with authority and significance.


Active Monitoring

Organized civil society needs to be on top of discussions that directly affect its activities, irrespective of their purpose. Associations, Unions, Federations, NGOs, and companies should not be held captive by political clamor or vulnerable to media distortions.

Through active monitoring, Metapolítica enhances your command of the topic while broadening your network of pertinent contacts, aligned with the goals of your representation in a democratic and transparent way. This ensures timely delivery of essential updates and facts relevant to your activities.


Enhance your authority in your field by acquiring pertinent information.


Stay informed about the status of the topics that interest you to make better decisions.

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Institutional and Government Relations

Don’t be a bystander to political decisions that impact your organization and your field of operation. Take an active role in the process of shaping public policies.

Together, we will consolidate a channel of legal, transparent, and republican dialogue, establishing a logic of continuous work, from the presentation of a detailed political report of your organization to the establishment of an action plan with measurable goals.


Engage in meetings and events with relevant authorities that influence your sector.


Collaborate on bills that impact your sector and activities.

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The right expertise for more consistent institutional and government relations.


Our strategic way of operating ensures that results are consistently and predictably measured.


Our expertise and knowledge help us build networks of relevant contacts for our clients in the public sphere.

Predictive analytics

Technology and modern algorithms, combined with our expertise and qualifications, allow us to foresee scenarios, as well as to predict crises and opportunities.


Our contributions are characterized by the utmost assertiveness, guaranteeing enhanced strategic efficiency.

Maximum level

Our team is made up of Masters and Doctors, an academic elite with a pragmatic outlook and a dedication to political interfaces.

Digital Cloakroom

An exclusive relationship environment that provides newsletters and a scheduling system for meetings with our team and authorities.


Merely opening doors isn't enough.It's crucial that they are the right doors.

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We connect civil society with those who represent it and make decisions, thus improving public policies.

Metapolítica provides its services to various segments of civil society, such as associations, federations, unions, professional bodies, non-governmental organizations and companies. We have achieved outstanding professional performance especially in the following sectors.


The following choice of our main cases show what Metapolítica can do for your organization.

Metapolítica adheres to the principles of ethics, transparency, and constitutional legality, thus acting in a professional and non-partisan way. Guided by these values, we meticulously analyze potential scenarios and strategize our involvement in Brazil’s social and economic development processes.

We prioritize establishing a functional framework defined by measurable and adaptable objectives. We are guided by internationally recognized methodologies, ensuring transparency and enabling us to gain clear insights into the outcomes we achieve.

Get to know some of Metapolítica’s cases to understand how we may help you.


Metapolítica featured

Our role’s significance is acknowledged by the media and we remain consistently accessible to elucidate political developments for a multitude of media platforms.